INFLUENTE is a private social club dedicated to stylish, ambitious & influential women in the Middle-East.

Our mission is to provide a safe place, a unique environment, to focus on self-care and to elevate women’s lifestyles in general. 

As a social club, we aim to curate women’s stories, offer a platform for like-minded women to express themselves, learn, exchange, and network.

Through our platform and the support of our members, we aspire to foster women entrepreneurship in business but also in social activism.


Who are our members?

Our members are women that have influence and a positive impact on our environment. Part of prominent families, top executives of notable companies, or strong female entrepreneurs, they are women who share similar interests and lifestyles

How to be a part of INFLUENTE ?

The club is accessible only by invitation. You have to be introduced by a friend, or one of our partners. You can try to subscribe, our team will have a look on your application.

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