Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Whatever you may think of Kanye West, there’s no denying it; that man has a following. Whether we’re talking music, art, fashion or even his views on social issues and politics, if Ye says it’s so, people believe him. One of his most popular ways of spreading his Ye-ness is via twitter. And he demonstrated just how much influence he can have in 140 characters last week when he announced his Life of Pablo pop-up shop in New York’s fashion famous SoHo. After he dropped its location, over 3,000 fans waited in line to try and get their hands on some Ye style. Is it worth the hype? Here’s five things you’ve got to know about the Life of Pablo pop up.

Quality Isn’t The Point

Ye has made it clear that he is only selling his name, his brand and his personal style. The shirts are still laden with bulky ‘heavy blend’ labels that seem to say, “Ya, so what?” Daring people to question why Ye is selling a $5 shirt for $40. Isn’t that obvious? He’s Ye! * We say struggling to hold back the eye roll*


The shop as well as the clothes it houses are very minimalistic, bordering on DIY style. Upon walking into LOP you see a copper rolling rack against a white wall holding just a hoodie and a printed denim jacket. All of the clothes have a similar, simple, graphic designs that look almost like those iron-on letters from the 90s.

Street Style Only

Life of Pablo is no place for high fashion. The pop-up features t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, hats and a pretty solid collection of outerwear ranging from bomber jackets to old-school, repurposed denim.

Speaking Of Repurposed Denim…

An old, used, denim jacket with PABLO printed on it costs $400. That is all.

It Could End At Any Moment!

In typical Ye fashion, he’s keeping us guessing. We haven’t gotten any word about the pop-up since he announced it’s opening. We don’t know if it’s there for another week or another year! Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if he closed it down, shut the lights off and locked the door with people still inside and called it a social statement. Only time will tell!