A Cup Of Jo(y) ? #InternationalCoffeeDay

Today is International Coffee Day!

You are probably wondering what? Why should I celebrate my coffee? But wait a minute, there is something important you have to know about your coffee and this is what we are actually celebrating today!

International Coffee day was an initiative created by the International Coffee Organisation.

The first International Coffee Day was launched in Milan and was initially used to raise awareness For “Faire Trade Coffee”.

What is a Fair Trade Coffee and why this certification is important?

Fair Trade Coffee is coffee that is produced to fair standards by a fair trade organization, which creates trading partnerships that are based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, with the goal of achieving greater equity.

When I buy a Fair Trade coffee I contribute to:

- Sustainable environmental farming

- Prohibition of child labor or forced labor

- supporting farmers ( better quality of life for their family and community)

- Protect farmers from the sudden price drops and assure a fair trade minimum price.

So today it’s International Coffee Day and we learn that more than hunting for a good coffee we need to learn to make sure that what we have in our mug is a Fair Trade Coffee!

Happy International Coffee Day!

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