Can I find an App to help me Organize My Work Week?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Every INFLUENTE woman needs a reliable planner to organize her high-flyer lifestyle, but when the humble day diary just won't do, technology can help streamline work and play. From simple reminders to money managers, intelligent apps are picking up the slack when it comes to dealing with our increasingly digital lives. Discover five business apps to organize your workweek.


More than just a simple hot-desking tool, Cisco WebEx Meetings takes a professional approach to conference calls. Using a two-way camera, get into the nitty-gritty whilst out in the field with their private meeting space. Pitch a presentation or discuss files in real-time thanks to this reliable and easy to use app available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Upload it at this link! 


Turn chance meetings into future opportunities with Card Munch. Converting business cards into Linkedin contacts, this photo-generated app matches each snapshot to the according to professional in a quick and convenient networking tool. Never miss another opportunity with this free tool for smartphone users. Upload it at this link! 


For the leap-frogging traveler, staying up to date with flights, bookings and airport transfers can be a job all of its own. Take a no-fuss approach to life on the open road with the Trip it travels organizer. Funneling confirmation emails, flight times, and reservations into its own integrated organizing platform, the clever app will give you updated reminders of all your day's travel info as well as trip itineraries and more. Upload it at this link! 


Unless you're a personal shopper, shopping sprees can play havoc with your bank balance. Whether you use it for work or play, Mint will track your spending habits and send you alerts based on your current balance. Ideal for tracking funds and converting your splurges with up-to-the-minute currency converters, be cash-savvy with this versatile and personal budget-saving app. Upload it at this link!


For any enterprise on the rise, keeping track of incoming and outgoing bills and invoices can become a nightmare. Download the stress-free Billminder app that helps track your daily, monthly, and yearly funds, offering comprehensive charts and graphs so you can plan ahead. Each recurring action can be synced between devices and alerts can be set for them. Billminder can also make recommendations on where you can save money. Upload it at this link!


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