Discover Amal Ismail, the Saudi Trendsetter

Amal Ismail is the Saudi trendsetter behind #LaModaArabia and #Luxelaofficial. This independent woman pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion and explores the talents of Asian designers. This Korean and Japanese culture enthusiast decorticate all the inspirations and fashion codes of the international market to develop and create an innovative vision of fashion in the Middle East.


At the moment the website is on hiatus, as I am focusing on other projects, one of these projects is my new IG guide to everything cool that is related to fashion, art, music, and philosophy "Luxelaofficial", through it I would like to share with my followers that one can actually be fashionable, smart and spiritual all at once, I have noticed that we don't have enough regional IG accounts that spread knowledge, positivity, and unity so I decided to add those elements into my posts in hopes of encouraging others to spread more pleasant content too.

I'm from Saudi Arabia and did my legal studies in the UAE, but after graduating I found out that my passion towards fashion was more fulfilling so I decided to follow it.

WHEN DID THE ADVENTURE START? WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO FOLLOW THIS CAREER PATH? I've had Law & Fashion on my mind since I was a little girl, and I guess I was lucky enough to have been able to study both and at the end get to choose which one made me a happier person, I truly believe that if you don't love what you do, it will transform you into an ugly version of yourself.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PERSONAL ROLE MODELS YOU LOOK UP TO FOR INSPIRATION? Honestly, most of my role models are dead thinkers, but if we're talking about someone from my own life then I would have to say "my father", I know that most daughters honor their dads but I genuinely have the deepest respect for him as an overall wonderful human being.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE RECEIVED:  One word: "RELAX", and it took me 20 years to actually figure it out.

COULD YOU TELL US WHAT  " INFLUENTE women » MEANS FOR YOU? A charming lady who considers herself an ongoing project, she keeps evolving with each passing decade of her life, and respects her body and mind, fearing nothing and standing for everything she considers right.