All hail the humble coconut. With over a hundred ways to use this simple fruit, it comes as no surprise that this inexpensive cure-all is found in everything from protein drinks to skin care products. Diced, sliced, ground down or creamed up, whatever way you like your coconut fix, be sure to try out these amazing coconut oil insider beauty hacks below:

No Frills Hair Mask

A hard, white mass when cold, heat up your coconut oil tub under hot water and apply to the ends of your hair, wrap into a low bun and let it work its magic for five minutes – rinsing thoroughly afterwards to avoid limp, greasy ends.

Night cream

Tired of dropping big bucks on heavy night creams that don't do the job? Try a light lick of room temperature coconut oil applied to the lower eye area. Thanks to its light, soft and non-greasy texture, this wonder oil is perfect for protecting and nourishing tired, thin under-eye bags and crows feet.

Frizz Fighter

Static, wild and untamed hair is gone in seconds with a simple brush of coconut oil through those rebellious locks. Tame unwanted frizz and humid hair with a pea sized drop of coconut oil rubbed into the palms and lightly skimmed over trouble areas and rubbed into the ends.


Make your skin shine with nature's little helper. Accentuate your contours the natural way with just a lick of coconut oil gently dabbed onto the top of your cheekbones, cupids bow and eyelids to add that touch of WOW factor.

DIY Body Scrub

Whip up a simple and nourishing body scrub by adding a handful of raw sugar or salt to equal parts of coconut oil. Ideal for those indulgent pampering sessions, let the coarse salt or sugar exfoliate your skin whilst the rich coconut oil moisturises and softens.

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