Milli Midwood

Milli Midwood, 24 years old, British but lived in Dubai for 23 years.


blog started as a hobby and a creative outlet to share all my thoughts and passions about a city that I've lived in my whole life. I have a real passion for photography and writing, so I wanted a place that was all my own where I could post whatever I wanted. I'm motivated and inspired by everything that goes on in Dubai – the city is a cosmopolitan metropolis with hot new bars restaurants, beautiful beaches, great street style and so much more, so it's hard not to be inspired when there's always something new going on. I'm motivated and inspired by everything that goes on in Dubai

THE ADVENTURE START? WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO FOLLOW THIS CAREER PATH? I honestly didn't have a clue what I wanted to do until I was about 20 years old and went to university in London. I went to study Fine Art because I knew I wanted to do something underneath a creative umbrella, but I wasn't sure what. It was only during my first year in London that I was exposed to a whole new way of life, from edgy art galleries to fashion weeks. Growing up in Dubai there was never much of an arts or fashion scene, and although that's changing now, living in London was the first time I realized that this industry was something I wanted to pursue.

TELL US ABOUT AN ACCOLADE OF YOU’VE ACHIEVED THAT YOU MOST PROUD OF? Ahhh, I have quite a few proud moments! Professionally it would have to be being offered a job at Grazia Middle East – I was fresh out of university and practically a deer in headlights when it came to the working world, so to have worked on such a prestigious title as my first job is something I'll always be proud to tell people.

For my blog, it would probably have to be the award nominations I've received (Instastar of the year from the Grazia Style Awards, Best Fashion Blog from the Ahlan Awards and Ultimate Style Blogger from the Cosmopolitan Awards)

DO YOU HAVE ANY PERSONAL ROLE MODELS YOU LOOK UP TO FOR INSPIRATION? I'm not really into the whole celebrity role model thing, but I look up to a lot of different women for different aspects of my life. For example, my running coach, Tala, has got me running a half marathon next month. She's really pushed me into doing something I would never ever have chosen to do by myself, proving that you really can do anything if you put your mind to it. My old fashion editor at Grazia, Claire, was one of the most talented stylists and I've ever worked with, so her work and philosophies always resonate with me. And generally, I'm just inspired by hard-working women who are ambitious and determined.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE RECEIVED My old school motto: "manners maketh man" - Seriously, good manners and being kind costs NOTHING.

COULD YOU TELL US WHAT  AN "INFLUENTE women" MEANS FOR YOU? Influence and fame are not the same. Influential women are leaders and pioneers who have set out to change something or make something in the world better. Through her work and success, however big or small, she's cultivated a voice whereby people listen to her and aspire to her. These women are proud but humble and definitely use their powers for good!

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