Visit Edinburgh with Alexandra


Name: Alexandra City: Edinburgh Job: Ex-model Follow Her: @styleandmakaroni

What is your ultimate uniform: For my make-up, my go-to look is: Eyeko eyeliner, Dior mascara, eyelash curler, RMS beauty uncover, Odylique lipstick, and Marc Jacobs lip gloss.

Clothes wise currently it’s a tracksuit and a trench coat. A black coat and black boots are always a staple.

Your favorite coffee shop: Sweven coffee & The Milk Man Edinburgh

Your favorite Restaurant: It would have to be @seedsforthesoul

for breakfast, @makiramen for lunch, @civerinos pizza, and parmesan, truffle fries for dinner, and @LocandadeGusti for phenomenal seafood pasta pretty much any time of the day.

What do you usually order: At Ceverinos it would usually be pepperoni pizza, Parmesan truffle fries, burrata salad, coleslaw. At Makiramen I am obsessed with their ramen and gyoza. But I’ve tried a lot of the menu and you can’t go wrong.

Where do you do like to do your shopping: I like designers but I also like high-street fashion. I enjoy thrift shopping and bazaars.

Your favorite designer/brand at the time:

I am loving @Numph, @CecelieCopenhagen @Thecotswoldshed @Munthe

The book you are reading: Convenience Store Woman - Novel by Sayaka Murata -

Convenience Store Women, 39 AED

Your favorite Hotel: The Balmoral

The last exhibition you visited? Tate modern London a few months ago.

Your favorite spot for an ultimate Instagram picture? Every little corner in Edinburgh is photogenic but I am always on the search for a location. Sometimes it’s just spontaneous. Most of the time those are the best ones.

Your favorite flower shop? Snapdragon Edinburgh.

Your favorite hair salon? Paollo Segerah London (he is a hair wizard).

Your favorite place to get some YOU-time?

The cute salon down the road from me where I get my facials, chemical peels, mesotherapy, and nails done cakes @divinebeauty. Run by 2 gorgeous sisters who are phenomenal!

What do you like to do with your friend?

Go for walks, drink matcha tea, go to book shops antique shops and pick up fresh flowers.

Your favorite season in your city, and why?

Autumn. The colors are magnificent.

If you could live in any city in the world? You would choose ... It would either be Korea or Rome. I’ve been to both and they both blew me away. I’ve been to over 35 countries and every single city is beautiful in its own way. Some flourish in daylight and some only wake up at sunset.

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