What Should I read during the quarantine?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Bookworm or not, sometimes a totally addictive book comes the way that makes you put down the smartphone and pick up a hardback. With a myriad of gripping novels at our fingertips, dust off your Kindle or load up your library with these five addictive reads not to miss.


Remember To Kill a Mockingbird all those years ago? Well, it seems Harper Lee has been saving the best for last with the sequel, Go Set a Watchman. A narrative set in the deep south of the USA, this enthralling read takes you through the muddied waters of life as a young woman split between old and new America.

Go Set a Watchman, Lee Harper, Kinokuniya - AED 41


Margaret Atwood is renowned for her cutting feminist rhetoric and strong female protagonists, it comes as no surprise then that her newest offering, The Heart Goes Last, is a savage and rewardingly strange story of love in a dystopian society. Jarring and oddly prophetic, get lost in her surrealist land of adventure and chaos.

The Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood, Kinokuniya- 52 AED


Anyone who has ever picked up a copy of Vogue will know that the catwalk mafia is strange and peculiar beasts. With the fashion industry a highly cloistered society of IT girls and style oligarchs, the humble fashion onlooker could only dream about life behind the velvet rope – until now. Cue, Tales From the Back Row, a true account of life slightly left of the limelight by Cosmo editor, Amy Odell.

Tales From the Back Row, Amy Odell, Kinokuniya- 49 AED


An homage to the fan art icon and Supreme Court octogenarian, Ruth Bader Kingsman, Notorious RBG is a fun-filled account of the progressive trail blazer's legal career and tough stance on women's rights. Annotated with hilarious excerpts and illustrated with imagery from her non-official merchandising line, fall in love with this weirdly wonderful champion for the modern woman. Notorious RBG, Kinokuniya, 60,29 AED