Womena, The Guardian Angels Of Business Women

As women, we’ve always known our equal worth, intelligence, and capability. It seems that finally, the other half of the population is starting to realize it as well. However, we still have to fight for our rightful place in the world and in society, and what better way than banding together to do it.

WOMENA is a  platform that helps high-net-worth women in the middle east become more confident and intelligent investors. Designed to redefine the role of women in business, WOMENA strives to make angel investing more accessible for women who have the funds to become involved in new and innovative business plans. They facilitate the investment process from start to finish so that new and seasoned investors find all the support they need to incorporate themselves into worthwhile projects.

The women with capital to invest will share the contacts of WOMENA and be guided towards companies that suit their needs and wants as investors. The majority of companies that are in contact with WOMENA are based in the MENA region, making it a project that grows the regional economy.

Women who are interested in becoming an angel investor and working with the WOMENA team are offered education via half-day workshops that detail all of the facets of angel investment. In an effort to support startups, they also offer quarterly half-day workshops for entrepreneurs in order to help educate on the topic of fundraising.

For more information visit WOMENA.com